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Win a Free Fender Starcaster Guitar
Just stop in at Independence School of Music and enter your name to win a free Fender Starcaster Guitar originally valued at $249.  The drawing will be held Monday December 10th at 6 pm.  The winner need not be present to win the guitar.  We will also have additional drawings for a month of free music lessons, gift certificate for music books, a free piano lesson, a free guitar lesson, a free saxophone lessons, a free trumpet lesson, a free flute lessons, a free drum lessons, free drumsticks, free guitar strings, a free 90 day guitar rental.

You can enter the drawing once a week.

To enter the free drawing, you must reside in Independence Ohio, or one of the surrounding communities, including:

Brecksville, Ohio
Broadview Heights, Ohio
Seven Hills, Ohio
Parma, Ohio
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio
Valley View, Ohio
Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio
Bedford, Ohio
Garfield Heights, Ohio
Maple Heights, Ohio
Walton Hills, Ohio
Sagamore, Ohio

It is very easy for school students and residents from the above communities to take private music lessons or group music lessons from Independence School of Music.  Come in and learn about private piano lessons, private guitar lessons, private snare drum lessons, private violin lessons, private saxophone lessons, private flute lessons, private trumpet lessons.  Anyone at any age can learn to play a musical instrument.  Have fun, make new friends - take group guitar class - Independence Music is centrally located.  We offer the following lessons, rentals, and repairs:

Piano Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Voice Lessons
Violin Lessons
Cello Lessons
Trumpet Lessons
Trombone Lessons
Saxophone Lessons
Clarinet Lessons
Flute Lessons
Accordion Lessons
Snare Drum Lessons


Group Lessons - Buddy Lessons - Group Guitar Lessons - Ensemble Class - Brass Ensemble - Group Violin - Jam Class - Preschool Music Class - Group Piano Lessons
Group lessons can be just as valuable in one's musical education as private lessons, although they serve different purposes.  Aside from the social element which can invigorate a student's interest, group lessons allow the student to interact musically with other musicians. Group lessons are an excellent way to introduce young students to elements of music and prepare them for private lessons.  Group sectionals for school band and orchestra students offer an affordable alternative to private lessons.  A sectional lesson would put three to six violinists together for example.  We can also work with an 3 to 6 musician ensemble of mixed instruments.  Group lessons are also attractive to beginning and advance adult students who might want to take up guitar as a recreational instrument.

Aside from the above group lessons, Independence Music also offers "Buddy Lessons".  These are well suited to parent-child teams, and grandparent-child teams, and friend to friend teams.

Group lessons are best when used as a supplement to private lessons, but can also be used as an alternative to private lessons. 

A cost effective approach is for a student to take weekly group lessons, with a private lesson scheduled once per month.

Our "Private-Group Combo" lesson entitles each member of the group to a weekly 30 minute lesson on the scheduled group time, plus each member of the group gets a 30 minute private lesson once a month.  Total cost is $60 per month per group member. (assuming 3 to 5 musicians in the group).  Each member of the group pays separately.

30 minute small group lessons for groups of 3 to 5 musicians are $45 per month per student

45 minute small group lessons for groups of 3 to 5 musicians are $55 per month per student

60 minute small group lesson for groups of 3 to 5 musicians are $65 per month per student

Large Group Class (6 - 12 students) are $40 per month

Group music lessons is an excellent way for music students to learn from each other while having fun.  We might have an strings ensemble consisting of all Brecksville Music students and a brass quartet with a trumpet student from Bedford, a trombone student from Independence, and other students Brecksville or Seven Hills.  Not only are group lessons more affordable but they give the music student the opportunity to appreciate how all of the musical instruments come together.  Ideally our group lesson students are also taking private lessons but it is not required.  Sometimes a group of friends might get together to take group guitar lessons which evolves into their band.  Adult students can form their own small group and take music lessons as their "night out"..  Our Garage Band concept is very popular and is a way for rock musicians to learn how to jam together.  We also have Suzuki violin class, pre-school music class, vocal groups of voice only students and voice students with guitar students in group class.  Students from the junior high school or the high school, and even elementary school students may want to get together with their music teacher for a sectional to work the same music they are learning at school, but prepare the students to move at a faster pace and become section leaders in the. school band or orchestra.